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Ambassador Al-Otaibi (Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia)
344. Australia thanks the cosponsors for bringing this item to the agenda. The Australian Government is taking an active interest in the role that intellectual property can play in securing finance for businesses seeking to develop, commercialise and market their innovations. 345. It is well recognised that access to finance can be made more challenging when the main asset of a business is an intangible asset, such as an intellectual property right. 346. Traditional models of lending and debt finance are not always suited to such businesses. This is because of the difficulties in valuing, securing and liquidating such assets and in understanding the risks involved in successfully commercialising innovating intellectual property. Australia, therefore, welcomes the contributions from WTO Members today, which will enrich consideration of policy options in this area. 347. We have been interested to hear about case studies and initiatives that have assisted innovative businesses secure finance on the basis of the value held in their intellectual property rights.
The Council took note of the statements made.
10.1. The Chairman said this item had been put on the agenda at the written request by the delegations of Switzerland and the United States. Since the circulation of the airgram, Singapore and the European Union had also indicated their intention to co-sponsor this item.

10.2. The representatives of the United States; Switzerland; Singapore; the European Union; India; Bangladesh on behalf the LDC Group; Chile; Chinese Taipei; the Republic of Korea; Japan; Brazil; Pakistan; Canada and Australia took the floor.

10.3. The Council took note of the statements made.

IP/C/M/79, IP/C/M/79/Add.1