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Mr. S. Harbinson (Hong Kong)
F Technical Cooperation
49. The representative of Brazil said that his delegation attached great importance to the question of how to maximize the results of technical cooperation to developing countries in the area of intellectual property. With regard to document IP/C/W/11, he stressed that courses, seminars and workshops should have different degrees of depth in terms of the information provided, in order to meet the needs of those officers in different government bodies who already had great knowledge of the issues involved as well as of those who still required basic information. His delegation believed that, in determining annual courses on this basis, one basic course of a general nature, with a duration of around one week, should deal with the fundamental concepts of the Agreement while, in a second degree of complexity, one could think of two annual workshops, of one week each, focusing on specific items of the Agreement, such as industrial property, authors' rights, integrated circuits or plant varieties, as well as on the interpretation of the general clauses and of transitory provisions and on enforcement. In the context of cooperation between the WTO and WIPO, co-sponsoring of such courses might be envisaged.