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Mr. W. Armstrong (New Zealand)
F Technical Cooperation
37. In regard to the second question, the pilot project for a workshop for an in-depth discussion of some specific aspect of technical cooperation, the Chairman said that the informal consultations that he had held had considered a Secretariat suggestion, as requested by the Council, for a specific pilot project to take place either immediately before or after the Council's meeting of 18 September 1996. The theme proposed for the pilot project was "border enforcement". Delegations had expressed support for this topic and for the Secretariat's proposals. It had been noted that the proposed workshop was not intended to be a training course on border enforcement but to be a forum, mainly for the benefit of the participants in the Council, which would enable a more focused exchange of views on technical cooperation needs and experiences in this important area of the TRIPS Agreement. There also appeared to be general support for the Secretariat seeking to organise the proposed workshop in cooperation with the International Bureau of WIPO, on the basis of full equality. He proposed that the Council agree that the Secretariat go ahead, hopefully in cooperation with the International Bureau of the WIPO, to organise the proposed workshop.