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Brunéi Darussalam au nom de Association des nations de l'Asie du Sud-Est
H Preparation for the Singapore Ministerial
53. The representative of Brunei Darussalam, speaking on behalf of the ASEAN countries, said that, with regard to the preparation of the Singapore Ministerial Conference, ASEAN had previously mentioned on other occasions that implementation and the built-in agenda formed the core of the subjects to be discussed at that Ministerial Conference. ASEAN had further stated that, as far as the built-in agenda was concerned, it was supportive of the idea of early preparations to ensure that the specific deadlines in the Agreement were met. Providing preliminary views concerning the non-paper of the European Communities and their Member States, he said that at this stage ASEAN countries could go along in sharing the stated objective concerning full and timely implementation of the TRIPS Agreement. He also welcomed the Community's commitment concerning the provision of technical assistance in favour of developing and least-developed country Members as called for in Article 67 of the TRIPS Agreement. In saying that, however, Article 65 should be borne in mind concerning the transitional arrangements for these countries and any preparatory work as envisaged in the document should not have the effect of accelerating the implementation of either Article 65 or Article 71. ASEAN countries reserved their position and comments on other matters raised in the document until a later date. The Community non-paper should in no way prejudice the outcome of the Secretariat's initial draft of the report of the Council for TRIPS to the Singapore Ministerial.