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Ambassador W. Armstrong (New Zealand)
E Implementation of Articles 70.8 and 70.9
38. The Chairman said that a revised notification had been received from Kuwait, which had been circulated as document IP/N/1/KWT/1/Rev.1. Turkey had notified information additional to that in its earlier notification relating to Article 70.8, which concerned statistics about the number of applications received in the "mailbox" since 1995 (broken down by country of origin) and on the system of exclusive marketing rights applicable in Turkey as required by Article 70.9 of the Agreement. This information would be circulated as document IP/N/1/TUR/1/Add.1. He also drew Members' attention to the Senegalese notification (document IP/N/1/SEN/1) referred to under item C above which also contained information from Senegal on the filing of patent applications for pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical products in Senegal.