Moyens de faire respecter les DPI
12. Please describe the measures provided by the legislation of Seychelles to combat counterfeiting and piracy at the border. Please explain whether the competent authorities are empowered to act ex officio and, if so, please indicate the enforcement actions that may be taken. Please cite the relevant provisions of the legislation.
Sections 118(1), 118(2), 118(3), 118(4), 119, 120 of the Industrial Property Act 2014 can be used to combat counterfeiting and piracy. In addition, the Customs Management Act 2011 and through the enactment of subsequent Regulations (S.I 42 OF 2014 s.77 - 82) empowers Customs officials to handle goods deemed to be "counterfeit", "pirated", "infringing" etc. at the border. Section 115(3) of the Industrial Property Act 2014 has provision where public authorities or officers shall be exempted from liability where actions were taken or intended in good faith.