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44. Article 53.2 provides that the owner, importer, or consignee of goods involving industrial designs, patents, layout designs or undisclosed information that have been suspended by customs authorities should be able, in certain circumstances, to have such goods released on payment of security sufficient to protect the right holder from infringement. Please identify what forms of intellectual property, if any, are subject to provisions of Article 53.2 and cite to the relevant provisions of law or regulations.
The term "intellectual property right", to which reference is made above, means the rights in respect of a trademark conferred by the Trade Marks Act, 1993, the copyright in any work in terms of the Copyright Act, 1978, or an exclusive right of use in relation to goods conferred by a notice published in terms of Section 15 of the Merchandise Marks Act. This meaning of the term "intellectual property" is narrower than the normal meaning given to the term. "Intellectual property" normally embraces in addition patents and designs. For the purposes of the Act, however, these two forms of intellectual property are not in contention.