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Droit d'auteur et droits connexes
2. What protection does your copyright legislation afford to "foreign works"?
The 1992 Copyrights Law, Articles 37-44, provides for preventive measures and penalty including confiscation, the closing of the institution violating copyright and prison measures and compensation. The draft amendment will provide more detailed measures to enforce copyrights as referred to in the TRIPS Agreement. The obligations arising from Article 9 of the TRIPS Agreement (Berne Convention, Articles 1-21 except Article 6bis) will be met through the extension of the scope in terms of the various categories and subjects of copyright as well as the nature of the protection. Computer programs are protected by the 1992 Copyright Law No. 40. Article 2 of this law mentions computer programs under the scope of protection. The draft amendment will introduce under the above-mentioned scope computer programs applications as well as compilations of data. The rental right is available under the existing law through the right of free exploitation provided for in the Article 14 of the 1992 Copyright Law. The draft amendment will introduce clearly the exclusive rights to exploit, under the rental right, literary works, including computer programs and cinematography work. The term of protection of copyright other than photography work is determined by the period of life of the owner and 25 years after his death. The draft amendment will extend this period to 50 years.