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7. Article 14.2 of the TRIPS Agreement provides that producers of phonograms are to enjoy the right to authorize or prohibit the direct or indirect reproduction of their phonograms. Article 14.2 requires that producers of phonograms are to have the right to authorize or prohibit the commercial rental to the public of originals or copies of their phonograms. Please describe how the copyright law of the United Arab Emirates implements these obligations and indicate the term of protection.
The amendment to the 1992 Copyright law will provide for the protection of the rights of producers of phonograms. It will state that the producers of phonograms shall enjoy the following rights: - The right to prohibit any exploitation of their phonograms by any means without their authorization. The law prohibits copying, rental, broadcasting, re-broadcasting, availability to the public by third parties. - The right to disseminate their recordings via wire, wireless, computer or other means. The term of the protection will be fifty calendar years calculated from the beginning of the next year in which the publication of the phonogram was done or the year in which the phonogram was fixed if it was not published.